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Rehabs in Starr

Rehabs in Starr

Starr County is located in the southern part of Texas. It was founded in 1848 and named in honor of its Secretary of Treasury at the time - James Harper Starr. Today, the county is home to 65,920 people, most of whom are Hispanic or Latino. Its seat Rio Grande City is famous for the historic structures preserved there.

The county is doing relatively well when it comes to several issues. And one of those problems is substance abuse. Here, the rates of addiction are not as high as in other places. This is partially due to the Starr County rehabs that provide the necessary assistance and prevent an increase in addiction. With that said, you must pay continuous attention to the matter and turn to help when you have a problem.


The first step in seeking help is to undergo an evaluation. This is a simple two-stage process. The evaluation aims to understand the dependency thoroughly before attempting to heal it.

So, first of all, you get a screening done. This is a simple questionnaire that tries to identify the existence of the issue. Due to its straightforwardness, people usually conduct it themselves. After the screening is over, you need to get an assessment. This is a more complex process and requires professional help. This is why counselors and psychologists are the ones conducting it.

The assessment consists of a number of tests, check-ups, in-depth questionnaires, and so on. There may also be a need for a medical examination to find out about any accompanying illnesses you might have.

After the evaluation is finished and the psychologists have the complete picture of your problem, they will create a treatment plan for you.

Rehab Programs in Starr County

When it comes to choosing the right rehab, you have to follow the recommendations based on the assessment. With that said, there are major types of centers that you should be aware of before making a choice.


First, there is the inpatient program. Here, the patients are supposed to stay at the facility throughout their healing. With a professional staff standing by, the patients have access to professional care 24/7. Due to its intensive nature, this type of care is best for those struggling with severe cases. Also, it is a good chance to be away from the regular triggers of your usual environment.


Secondly, there is the outpatient program. Unlike in the inpatient one, here, the patients do not stay at the rehabilitation center. Instead, they go in for a few hours to receive their treatment and return home. This is a better option for those with milder cases. Also, this way, you have the opportunity to stay in your regular environment and continue your usual life while recovering.

Apart from these major differences, there are also many other minor distinctions in each facility. For example, there are specialty rehabs that focus on a particular group of people based on their race, gender, religion, and so on.

Luxury Rehabs

Some facilities offer special services for their patients. These are called luxury rehabs. They adopt a holistic approach and improve all aspects of well-being instead of only focusing on addiction.

Located in remote areas and surrounded by beautiful nature, these places are ideal for recovery. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that their costs are much higher than usual.

Payment Options

When it comes to payment, you have many options. The most common method to cover your expenses is through private insurance. Most centers accept private insurance.

You can also make a direct payment. However, if you do not have the financial means to pay, you can still receive treatment.

There is a government-sponsored Medicaid that assists those in need of financial assistance. Moreover, there are free hospitals that make cost reductions leaving no or very little money for you to cover.

Addiction Treatment for Teenagers

It is also important to remember that teenagers are the most vulnerable group when it comes to substance abuse. This is why you should pay special attention to your teens to prevent such a turn of events. However, if they are already struggling with dependency, you need to make sure that they get the support they need as soon as possible.

There are many specialty rehabs for that age group in particular. However, if they are reluctant to oblige, try talking to them and explaining the importance of recovery and its benefits. Also, make sure that they know that they have your support during the whole process. This is an essential component for a successful and quick recovery.