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Rehabs in Montgomery

Rehabs in Montgomery

Drug and alcohol addiction is a curable disease if there is a wish. Substance abuse is selective, and its healing also depends on our choices. However, research proves that addicts refusing to get treatment are more than those who agree. That’s why humankind cannot stop this pandemic. All of us must realize that by visiting a doctor, we save ourselves and the people around us. Thus, our bodies and mental health will also not suffer from this disaster.

Rehabs in Montgomery County, Texas offer a solution to your problem. There you may regain your bright and sober life and keep it forever. So, let’s start your drug- and alcohol-free journey together.


In 2008, 42,390 residents of the county needed treatment. However, only 5,106 (12%) residents received proper care. By the way, they were 12 y/o and older. Moreover, 7% were 9th graders and 28% were 12th graders. 

The most common type among students is marijuana. Opioids mainly spread among adults who are 20 and older. AODAAC reports 2,282 drug- and alcohol-related deaths in 2017. And this is 9% more than cases in 2016. These numbers show that you are not alone with this issue. Many people have quit using toxins, and now they don't even remember it. But those who didn’t refer to professionals died because of overdose. So, make the right decision on time. 


Assessment includes the necessary check-ups you need before starting the treatment. Thus, this is the first step you should take. Sometimes, this is an inseparable part of a consultation with physicians. It aims to reveal the illness source, reasons, and stage. This information helps therapists to orientate in methods, intensity, and length. Accordingly, based on the results, patients choose outpatient or inpatient treatment. 

Drug and alcohol evaluation in Montgomery County, TX is safe and exact. Woodland Spring Center provides customized assessments for each client. You must tell your medical and disease history by answering the doctor's questions. 

Payment in Rehabs  

It is not a secret that we can pay for any medical service with our private insurance. The same is in the case of recovery hospitals. But what to do if you have no insurance. Indeed, you are to give a lot of money because prices are high. Especially, when you select luxury facilities with gorgeous amenities, fees are more. 

If you have a low income, you may qualify for state-funded Medicaid. It will cover costs for the initial care. Non-profit clinics are one of the options as well. 

Contact SAMHSA’s helpline (877) 726-4727) to know their locations and admission conditions. 

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Montgomery, TX 

The quality of recovery facilities depends on many factors. Firstly, when going to a hospital, customers seek tailored plans. This is normal because cases vary widely. Besides, it matters how much you can pay or how much your insurance coverage is. Accordingly, tհerapists suggest the optimal solution for you. This involves various procedures and therapies. However, we don’t advise excluding detox and aftercare from your cure program. Detoxing your body at home risks your body. Setbacks are usually awful and disturb addicts. And aftercare is essential for not returning to your bad habits again. 

How to Force Your Teen into Rehab? 

Surely, many parents panic when they find out that their child has substance dependency. Moreover, the situation gets worse when their teen becomes more aggressive. And when the latter refuses to enter a recovery clinic, parents lose hope. However, instead of worrying, you should act fast and right. Of course, if the state of your child is not critical, there is a possibility to persuade him. But when his attitude is out of control, the only way out is forcing. Try to understand why and when he started this path.  Every detail may be useful for the process.