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Rehabs in Foard

Rehabs in Foard

Foard County is located in north-central Texas. A small area named after a former Confederate officer covers only 708 square miles. With a population density of 2 people per square kilometer, only 1,622 people call it home.

Established in 1891, its leading industries are agriculture, cattle breeding, and oil. Overall, as of 2017, there are 172 farms here.

It was one of the 46 entirely dry counties in Texas. However, in May 2006, the locals voted in a referendum to change the law. They voted to permit the legal sale of alcoholic beverages. This, of course, affected the number of alcohol use disorders. Thus, more people search for Foard County rehabs. Let’s explore when and how one gets high-quality medical assistance.

Substance Use Statistics

Excessive drinking is still a problem in the state. Based on 2016-2017 surveys, 10.6 million people said that they used alcohol in the last month. According to the Health Data, the prevalence of male heavy drinking in the area was 5.4% in 2012. In the case of women, the prevalence is 1.6%.

Moreover, Texas is a top destination for the narcotic trade. In 2020, the number of arrests for drug abuse exceeded 88,000.

This is the reason the rate of substance misuse is growing each year. When a person realizes he/she is unable to cope without help, it is time to look for solutions. What can a person find when searching for rehab in Foard County? The answer is they would hardly find anything in Crowell which is its seat and the largest city. However, there are many other clinics throughout the state.

Evaluation and Detox

The treatment includes several phases. The first is the evaluation stage when a doctor does necessary screenings. They might reveal what help the patient needs.

The initial step is detox. This will help the patient get rid of substance misuse. A 24/7 supervision of professionals helps in coping with withdrawal symptoms. Specialized detox facilities offer a broad range of services. Here you find yourself in a calm atmosphere to focus on healing.

Types of Therapy in Foard County

Understanding what kind of assistance you need is essential. It is also important for choosing a suitable facility.

One of the closest facilities is around 33 miles away in the city of Vernon. It’s a part of the chain of Helen Farabee Centers. It offers a range of services, including individual and family counseling.

Outpatient Treatment

This model implies that you stay at home and continue working or studying. It is designed for those needing a less intensive cure. An individual can also be involved in the outpatient program once he finishes inpatient therapy.

This program may include:

  • Individual, family, and group counseling
  • Case management
  • Day and evening adult programs
  • Relapse prevention

Inpatient Treatment

This is the most common method of intensive therapy. The clinics use an individual approach in the case of each patient. It may last several months on your way to sobriety. In addition, the doctors stress the importance of family support. Thus, they do not restrict the access of the family to the facility.

Luxury Rehabs in Foard County

Some of the clinics combine recovery and high-quality amenities. The Lone Star State offers luxury centers with exclusive and vast recreational activities. These top-notch centers usually provide services such as art, yoga, and music to improve patients’ rehabilitation.

Of course, not everyone can afford them. Their usual clients are celebrities and those with high incomes. The average cost of such a clinic varies between $30,000 – $100,000. Meanwhile, the price of a standard one is around $5,000-20,000.

However, it is important not to let the price tag keep a person from being healthy and sober. Typically, insurance covers the costs of a standard rehabilitation. Some centers offer discounts. Thus, if you cannot afford a luxury center, it is not a reason to give up.