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Rehabs in Coleman

Rehabs in Coleman

Coleman County is located in the heart of the state of Texas. It is named after a soldier at the Battle of San Jacinto and a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

It has many major shopping centers. The countryside is quiet and comfortable to move to with your family. So, one of the reasons is that marijuana use is banned. And, according to the statistics, substance abuse is low. Despite that fact, there are good rehabs in Coleman County.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Coleman County

Although the substance abuse level is low, there are several rehabs in the county. They offer good treatment programs. So, you can do research and find a suitable one for you.

Substance Abuse Assessment

The first step of your rehabilitation path is substance abuse assessment. It helps you define the level of addiction severity.

It is very important to find a good therapist. Some of the centers include that service in the program. So, if you have already chosen a center, check that with the administration.


Secondly, you will go on with detoxification. Many therapists suggest inpatient detox programs. As it is considered the most challenging step, it is very important to be under the control of professionals.

But, if it is impossible to organize, the patient can stay at home and attend therapies and take tests several times a week.

If the patient has a dual diagnosis, it is very important to be under control 24/7. This will keep the patient safe, as the possibility of suicide is very high.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

This type of rehabilitation is the most common in Coleman rehab centers. Many of them offer a 12-step recovery group.

The patients live in the center and are under the control of the professionals. Also, they attend other therapy sessions. Besides, they receive recovery advic and support from people who used to be in a similar situation.

Short-Term and Long-Term Treatment

Sometimes what a patient needs is a good short-term program. This means that you will live in the center, not for 30 days but less. Then, after moving home, you will attend group and personal therapies, support groups, intensive outpatient programs, etc.

Drugs such as heroin, morphine, fentanyl, etc., cause personality changes if used for a long time. That’s why the addicts need to spend more time in the recovery process. Long-term treatment will help you overcome the problem.

It will take more than 30 days, but is more effective for severe cases. And of course, the prices are higher.

Outpatient Program

If the patient is stable enough and the therapist claims that he can live without 24/7 supervision, after detox, he can continue the rehabilitation from home.

The services and treatment methods include group and individual therapies, and support group meetings.

Prices and Payment Methods

As the rehab centers in Coleman County offer a treatment method that is one of the best in the state, the prices are higher.

For the inpatient program, you will have to pay starting from $6,000. The cost for an outpatient program depends on the therapies you attend and not only.

Given that, the price for the short-term program is less and for the long-term is more.

Please note that there are no luxury rehab centers in Coleman County.


The centers accept private health insurance. So, to learn if the costs are fully covered by your insurance or only partially, you should check with your provider.

You can also apply for payment assistance. This will help you pay for your recovery program partially. A special payment method may be designed for you as well.