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Rehabs in Briscoe

Rehabs in Briscoe

Briscoe County is located in Texas, United States. It was created back in 1876 and got its name after a Texas Revolution soldier. It is 902 square miles, and based on recent statistics, has a small population of 1,435. The Briscoe seat is Silverton. The majority of the population consists of white (70.24%), with the second place being residents of Latino origin (25.64%).

Though the county is small, it still has a well-organized education and healthcare system. However, there are also issues in the mentioned sectors that the authorities are regularly trying to eliminate. And one of those major issues is drug and alcohol addiction.


The numbers are terrifying when talking about drug addiction at a national level. Only in a year, there were about 700,000 fatal overdose cases throughout the country. And, unfortunately, despite the constant fight and measures taken by the Government, these numbers rather grow than decrease.

As Briscoe is small in itself, the numbers might not be very frightening when compared to other larger counties. Nevertheless, the problem exists. There are Briscoe County rehabs and specialized centers throughout the county, allowing the residents easy access to treatment.

Briscoe County Rehab Programs

To prevent cases of addiction, there is a variety of Briscoe County rehabs offering a large range of services, all directed to the well-being of the population.

After detox, it is almost obligatory to move forward with treatment. Otherwise, detoxification may not give any positive results. This is why it is essential to be aware of the provided services and options and choose the one that might give the most benefit to a person.

Thus, after the initial detox stage is over, the patient, together with the team of professionals, is to make a further decision and choice of the help type.


The treatment always starts with detoxification. Perhaps, this is one of the most important stages, and also, the most dangerous one. It is the reason why it should always be under the care and attention of a specialized team.

Only after a successful detoxification process, is it possible to go further with the treatment. In Briscoe, there is no shortage of detox services, so residents have access to professional approaches and services.

Inpatient Care

Based on the severity of the case, the team of professionals chooses the type and duration of the program. Inpatient programs are more suited for patients with more severe cases when constant care and attention play a major role in the outcome. The duration also mainly depends on the state of the client. It may take from days to weeks, and in the worst scenario, even months.

Outpatient Care

Surely, the outpatient option is the most appealing one to the clients, as this way they are not obliged to cut themselves off from outer life. They can still go on with their everyday life and even learn or work while getting support.

Outpatient treatment still requires responsibility from the patient’s side, yet it does not fully affect the lifestyle.

Also, the inpatient and outpatient options can often be combined if this is what the patient can benefit from.


There is a false belief that the moment the client leaves the rehab center, the treatment is over. In reality, it is just the start of the journey. Professional aid can surely guide people to get rid of addiction. However, it shouldn’t cease immediately after the first positive results. Only aftercare can ensure lasting effects.

For this, many mental and behavioral help services provide quality support directed at the full elimination of the problem.

Outstanding Rehab Centers

When it comes to addictions, getting help can be a little complicated. Not all people with this problem are ready to accept help. This is a hard journey; patients need their family members' support.

When family members step up to help, they look for the best help options. This is why it is important to have a list of the best centers at hand:

  • Golden Phoenix
  • Pampa Regional Medical Center
  • Texas Panhandle
  • Red Rock Behavioral Health Services