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Rehabs in El Paso

Rehabs in El Paso

El Paso is on the list of the best places to live in the USA. The county located in the western corner of Texas has a population of 866,000. This number makes it the ninth most populous region in the state.

What about its seat, El Paso city, it is the sixth most populous one. This does not seem surprising when we look at the territory that the county occupies. Meanwhile, we know that a dense population brings many social issues. Being on the major drug trafficking route the county faces drug and alcohol addiction problems. It is one of the most dangerous diseases that the whole country suffers from.

Although there are many prevention methods, this disaster continues to spread. To control or stop the trade of illicit toxins is hard. Besides, addicts don’t realize the importance of treatment. So, many of them die because of self-medication or ignorance.

Thus, don’t be another wrecked addict. You can and must use the chance to change your life for the better right now. Rehabs in El Paso County, Texas help to fight substance abuse professionally. Their tailored approaches will target the core of the disease and eliminate it.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation in El Paso, TX

To make decisions about treatment doctors should be aware of illness history. This contains information about substance type, its use intensity, length symptoms, etc. The best tool for assessing the stage of drug addiction is DSM-5. Also, in this way, we can reveal co-occurring disorders caused by narcotics misuse, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar
  • PTSD
  • Schizophrenia
  • Eating and sleeping disorders

However, DSM-5 may give a picture of alcohol abuse as well. In any case, the patient himself is a source of information about his health conditions. The counselor asks questions related to the disease and previous care details. Then, based on the results the latter determines the customer’s organism needs for total recovery. Thus, in this phase, we choose treatment and therapies type, and extent of cure.

In Homeward Bound Inc. upon admission therapists offer to pass an accurate assessment in the center. Only after having enough materials physicians will begin the healing process.


Indeed, it does not matter what kind of treatment you selected, detox should be your first step. Like evaluation, it is a mandatory procedure that precedes the primary cure. Surely, setbacks are inevitable after quitting drug or alcohol use. By detoxing we support our body to overcome them. This procedure mainly includes medication-based methods. Of course, addicts take not only medicine but also participate in group meetings to get ready mentally.

Advanced Healthcare Solutions Center in El Paso provides customer-centered services, including detox. Your journey towards sobriety will be safe here.

Inpatient and Outpatient Facilities

Many addicts wonder what is the difference between residential and outpatient treatment plans. The outcome is one: recovery from substance dependency. Methods and therapies are almost the same as well. However, they differ in duration, intensity, and price. In the case of intensive outpatient care, the customer must visit a clinic 4 times a week for up to 3 hours. Partial hospitalization requires attendance in sessions for 5-7 days a week for up to 8 hours. The program may last several weeks. Inpatient cure means settling at the hospital for 30-90 days. Surely, the choice of the healing programs and their length depends on the organism’s demands and the current health state of the patient.

Teen Rehabs

Surely, teens experiencing mental crises are susceptible and stressed in some cases. So, having an addicted child is not an easy task for parents. They have many duties starting from persuading them to enter rehab and finding a suitable clinic. The situation gets worse when they keep refusing to obey. Moreover, their attitude may become aggressive or, on the contrary, broken down and silent. To solve this issue parents must consult with specialists to plan further acts. If you see that talking to your child is useless don’t be afraid to force him to visit a rehab clinic. Remember that long alcoholism or drug addiction can lead to many other health issues.

Al-Anon Family Groups offers customized healing programs for teens. By the way, the atmosphere is favorable for children as most of the patients are their peers.