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Rehabs in Fort Bend

Rehabs in Fort Bend

Fort Bend County is situated in the state of Texas in the US. The county seat is Richmond. According to the data for 2022, the population is 882,509. The use of substance abuse reaches a high rate. Although, compared to other areas of Texas, the problems are not as alarming as in other provinces of this state. So, specialists of Fort Bend rehabs do everything possible to prevent the spread of misuse. 

Drug and alcohol evaluation places 

Getting drug and alcohol assessments is possible at labs. Some Fort Bend rehabilitations also provide drug testing. You can choose any type of evaluation for different cases. 

Substance abuse facilities in Fort Bend, Texas 

Before choosing an addiction institution, you should know what kind of care you need. Each facility has different services. 

Supportive outpatient program 

One of them is the supportive outpatient program (SOP). It is a combination of both individual and group counseling. SOP maintains a successful recovery from chemical dependency. It is designed for clients needing encouragement more than an intensive approach. People acquire positive behavior due to it. It helps enhance self-esteem as well as reinforce relapse prevention․ 


The next is medically assisted detox. It is a special process of using medicines. Usually, the nervous system of patients is unstable. Therefore, this type of detox helps to stabilize it. MAD issues safe and maximum control during the acute withdrawal period․ Here you stay at the institution until your body is clean.  

Another type is supervised detox. Some clinics start the process from it. Generally, it lasts from a few days to weeks. They often combine this with group therapy sessions to allow a person to meet others. This method assists in improving their communication skills. Lastly, the recovery process ends with aftercare. It includes regular outpatient therapy and client consultation. 

Hospital-based treatment 

In this area, you will also find hospital-based treatment. It concentrates on the dual diagnosis disease. As it is aimed at detoxification, the duration of stay in the facility is 10 days. An individual overcoming this period is directed to any residential or partial addiction programs.


Residential treatment is also a widespread modality here. These are usually residential houses. A client has to stay 24/7 here, under the supervision of a licensed specialist. The average duration of stay is 20 days. 

Extended addiction options are designed for those who need more time to fully recover after short-term treatment. The length of stay here is 90 days. 


Outpatient options are for those who want to combine their daily routine with a cure. People can participate in it during the day or on weekends, continuing their normal work. OTP takes place 3-5 times a week. It lasts 6 weeks. The sessions consist of 3 hours. 

Part-time treatment 

Part-time addiction treatment is an advanced program. Experts have included therapeutic communities. According to it, the patient may overcome the dependency if his behavior changes. A 12-step plan and other forms of projects are the main part of it. The average duration of stay in these communities is two years. 

Type of specialty rehabilitations 

The specialty rehabs in Fort Bend usually hold separate services for each group of population. In this province like others, they are designed for: 

  • Women
  • Teens (13-17 years old)
  • Young adults (18-24)
  • Adults (25+)
  • Family
  • Veterans
  • Patients with co-occurring disorders 

Each of them needs specific care. Alcohol and drug abuse affect not only the individual. The family also suffers from it. An intensive family program is also planned. Both education and interaction with other families fall under this plan. 

Veterans are also at the center of physicians’ attention here. Their methods are trauma-focused and personally tailored. Experts use specific developed one-on-one therapy. They harmonize it with life skills training and small group courses. 

Prices for luxury services 

The price of the elite residential complexes depends on the conditions. The higher their level of care, the more expensive the services they provide. The minimum price starts from $1,000-$1,500 a day. The maximum price reaches $60,000 a month. 

Where to go for rehab without insurance? 

Different institutions issue various payment options. Besides, each of them may offer its own financial agreements and private pay options. Various credit cards are also acceptable. You can choose a clinic that will meet your requirements. 

How to force your teen into rehabilitation? 

Several teen challenge rehabs here can help you. They provide different solutions. Some of them have divided teenagers into two age groups in this county. The first is for 13-17, and the second is for 18-24. 

For teens and their families, starting the recovery journey and attending a residential clinic is frightening and stressful. Consequently, clinicians show a holistic approach to them. That is why they actively include parents and their friends in this process.