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Rehabs in Hardin

Rehabs in Hardin

Hardin County, with its county seat Kountze, is situated in the state of Texas, US. Its population was 56,075 in 2019, registering an annual increase of 0.28–0.29% since 2010. Compared to other provinces, this growth has not had a negative impact on substance use. Moreover, it registered one of the lowest rates. There were 15 deaths from a drug overdose from 2017-2019. For this reason, there is a general lack of facilities in this province.

Despite the lack of adequate Hardin County rehabs, residents manage to cope with the risks.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Treatment usually starts with evaluation. Assessors reveal the client’s initial condition through an interview. It shows whether the patient needs a further cure or not. In case of a positive result, an assessment is conducted. It determines the severity of the chemicals. Lastly, based on it, physicians can show the exact approach to the patient.

Rehab Programs in Hardin County

Addiction centers may be various and serve different levels of care. Nonetheless, rehabs in Hardin County provide only outpatient programs. Instead, for more intensive services, residents have to visit nearby centers.

Outpatient (OP)

OP is an excellent option for patients who adjust their life to treatment outside of a hospital. It is also a great transition from inpatient or partial hospitalization.

The first advantage of OP is that people spend several hours in clinics weekly. It is the best practice for individuals to overcome dependence by themselves.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Basically, people do not orient themselves on what healing plan to choose. PHP is the best solution in that situation. It stands between outpatient and residential treatment.

PHP aims to create intensive care. As the second level of the program, it is denser in structure.

So, it is ideal for those who need 24-hour supervision but cannot participate in it. People receive treatment in the clinics but stay at home overnight.

Inpatient (IP) and Detox Programs

Addictions may be of various complications. For this purpose, IP is the best choice. It is a residential option that requires around-the-clock control. Here, the process starts with detoxification. It is a withdrawal process when chemicals leave the body. However, it is harmful and dangerous. Accordingly, it is conducted under the supervision of specialists.

Specialty Rehabs

Because of the lack of addiction facilities, the rest of them offer a comprehensive approach. Their services are designed for adults, women, veterans, and youth.

They have developed specific healing remedies for each group of society.

Addiction Treatment for Females

Women’s health has always been at the center of attention in the healthcare industry in the US. Thus, Hardin County is not an exception. Clinics offer an outpatient program for females aged 18 and over. Yet, it’s not available for pregnant women, women with children, and those who need more intensive care.

Programs for Veterans

Addicted military veterans may find free services available in this location. Volunteer specialists show a holistic approach to each of them. Besides, they actively involve family members of veterans in this process. It helps the process to be completed and targeted.

Co-occurring Disorders

The most complex case is the co-occurring disorder. This happens when a person suffers from substance abuse and mental illness at the same time. One of them is always the cause of the other. For that, it requires more attention and care. Therefore, not only physicians are involved, but also psychologists and psychiatrists.

Costs and Payment Methods

Prices usually vary from one clinic to another. Each first-class institution sets its own prices for programs. It depends on the level of the methods applied. However, the difference between luxury and ordinary centers can be not great.

Payment Without Insurance

In general, centers accept various payment options. They are:

  • Medicaid
  • Credit
  • Sliding-scale
  • Out-of-pocket

The main option is funding from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

Teenage Addiction Rehabs in Hardin County

Substance use facilities offer drug and alcohol healing options for teenagers aged 13-17. Specialists can help your child through a range of therapies and counseling. They solve every single issue that your teen may face.

This means that you do not need to force them to go to an addiction center. Rather, you ought to apply to specialists. They master the tricks of intervention. Consultants and psychologists will advise you on your steps. Thus, your only duty is to show your love for them.