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Rehabs in Bexar

Rehabs in Bexar

Bexar is one of the Texas provinces. It is known for its famous attractions such as The San Antonio Riverwalk. Also, visitors can find various amusement parks and museums. They enjoy interesting traditional experiences. Despite this, substance addiction is a big threat to the whole area. So, in this article, we are going to review rehabs in Bexar County, Texas. 

Treatment Programs 

Rehabilitation centers help people get rid of their dependence issues. But besides this, there is San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Awareness, which provides overdose prevention education. 

So, before the main recovery process, patients have to pass some important stages. And the first is evaluation. They must receive the assessment by physicians and psychotherapists. This is to make sure that the applicant does not have a dual diagnosis or co-occurring diseases. 

After that, it is recommended to detox the body. This will remove toxic elements from the organism. 

Two main rehab programs exist here. First is the inpatient method. This requires staying in the hospital. In this case, they obtain 24/7 care under medical supervision. It includes individual and group meetings, and other therapies. Some others also come up with continuing care. 

Outpatient treatment is the next one. This is very convenient for those who cannot quit their everyday job or studies. So, they should apply for these courses to get all the needed therapies just a few days per week. 

Moreover, you may choose an in/out approach for different phases. Tele-therapies are very beneficial. These are organized by licensed therapists in the province. The addicted person is to select its format (audio, video calls, and text chat). 

The whole process lasts from 30 to 90 days. Successful treatment also contains a plan to leave the clinic. To clarify, this is a plan for the patient's integration into his/her everyday life, friends, family, etc. 

Luxury Rehabs 

Besides ordinary clinics, some people choose to enter luxury rehabs full of luxurious conditions and high-level services. Here we have presented some of them: 


Deciding to get rid of drug and alcohol abuse is a good step toward future recovery. But sometimes on their journey, people face various difficulties. And one of them is the financial aspect. That is why having insurance is a great advantage. There are many clinics accepting Medicaid, Medicare, and private health insurance. Also, you may benefit from military insurance such as Tricare, Tricare Plus, and Prime. 

And if you have none of the mentioned types, then you should receive a sliding scale pricing. This is based on your overall income. In addition, you can apply for state assistance. 

Forcing Teenagers To Enter Rehabs in Bexar County, Texas 

Substance abuse is one of the leading issues which is very dangerous, especially for teenagers. So, if you currently face this problem, then it is important to learn your legal rights. So, if the teen is less than 18, then you cannot force him to enter your preferred clinic. You and the caregiver are allowed to make appointments, too. 

But if the patient is more than 18, then neither parents nor guardians may decide instead of him. All that the relatives should do is help them morally and psychologically to start the road to final recovery.