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Rehabs in Lubbock

Rehabs in Lubbock

Lubbock is a county in the American State of Texas. Its population is more than 310.000. It is known for its funny everyday routine filled with music and different art activities. Also, the people living there have a conservative ideology and various small businesses based in the province.

Despite its healthy atmosphere, drug and alcohol abuse is gradually increasing. Illegal narcotic addiction is still among the most widespread issues in the county.

So, this province is considered one of the most popular rehab destinations for the residents of Texas. And, in this article, we are about to discuss the rehabs in Lubbock.

Drug And Alcohol Evaluation in Lubbock, Texas

There are some famous locations where you can get evaluated for this condition and accordingly start the further healing process. So, here is the list including some of them:

  • StarCare Specialty Health System- is an evaluation hospital for those who suffer from drinking or dope addiction. They provide testing and cure assistance for kids, teenagers, and grownups. You are capable of paying the fees via cash, Master/Visa cards, Amex, Check, Discover. Here is the contact info: (806)740-1421.
  • Lubbock Alcohol Intervention- They offer a wide range of plans for those who seek to recover from dependence. You should call them via this phone number: (682)350-2359.
  • Managed Care Center Inc.- assists sufferers with substance habits. Also, presents social services. Here is a contact detail: (806)780-8300.

Rehab Facilities in Lubbock, Tx

As we mentioned above, this county is a preferred destination for people suffering from alcoholism or narcotics habits and want to get rid of their problems. So, it is famous for its good rehabilitation facilities. Here are some of them:

  • Aspire Recovery Centers- In this recovery clinic, you may find help for substance abuse and mental health disorders. You may pass a residential treatment program, participate in the 12-step restoration and relaxing activities. Besides, you are able to take part in outpatient treatment if you have constant work or attend school, college, or the university.
  • Plainview Serenity Center Inc.- They support grownup persons to obtain outpatient chemical dependency and 2 diagnosis medications. Patients are able to receive individually designed restoration plans. The said one includes not only personal therapeutics but also 12-step group meetings, family teaching, etc.
  • Family Counseling Services- They organize counseling group meetings for substance-addicted people. Its duration is two times on a weekly basis. But you should register an appointment before it. The therapy includes 22 sessions. And each of these sessions lasts 1 hour (All the consulting meetings in the evening.).

There are many other rehabilitation hospitals to give a hand to people to overcome this issue.

The curing process should begin with detoxification. But the sufferer must be under the physician’s supervision.

  • Outpatient treatment programs are quite flexible and suitable for those who have a regular job or attend schools, universities, etc. On this condition, they visit the clinic several days per week.
  • The inpatient program considers the patient’s in-house medication and watchover of 24/7 mode. They should receive both medicinal and behavioral therapeutics.
  • Besides the mentioned two, you are also able to apply for the combined courses, such as partial hospitalization, intensive and clinical outpatient variants.

Luxury Rehabs in the Province

Along with the usual facilities, you may find a luxury one with good services provided by professionals. So here are some details about it:

The Ranch at Dove Tree- Visiting this place you will be provided with the personal and customizable recovery plans making sure that it is confidential. Besides, you should start detoxing.

One of the most important things about The Ranch at Dove Tree is that they integrate the patient’s family members to support them. The sufferers pass some individual therapies like:

  • CBT
  • DBT
  • EMDR
  • Hypnotic, Gestalt, Equine therapy

It more resembles a luxury resort than a healing dispensary involving a pool, gym, volleyball court, etc. The meals are also high-quality cooked by an experienced chef.

This is the leading location for those seeking substance habit healing. The prices are up to $24,000.

Free and State-Funded Rehabs

Texas offers many chargeless restoration options to get rid of dependency. You benefit from these opportunities having a qualifying financial history. The following places are free facilities to obtain assistance:

  • Family Counseling Services- located on 5701 Avenue P. And the contact number is: (806)747-3488
  • Substance Abuse Services Today INC- Its address is 2302 Slide Road 25 Country Place. Call them via (806)744-0361 number.

Surely, having insurance helps you cover the expenses of clinical care. Yet, if you do not have insurance then state-funded or free rehabs are your good choices.

Can Someone Force The Teen Enter a Rehab in Lubbock?

Even if they refuse to go to the clinic you should physically bring them there or do that with the help of a medicinal teenager transport assistance.

Yet, if they are 18+ years old then you are banned from forcing them to go for treatment. You are not allowed to decide on their behalf, make therapeutic appointments, or even discuss their health issues with the physician without their consent.

But in this case, they need to understand the possible results of not being present in the cure courses. If they have a dependence on drinking or narcotics and refuse medical watchover then they should take into account its consequences.

So, if your son/daughter is an adult and does not want to be engaged in medical care courses then you are not allowed to pressure them to do so. In other cases, if they are not adults you can force them to start medication.

But it will be more effective to talk to them privately and decide the further steps together. This should be done after surely identifying that your child has a certain dependence on dope or drinks.

Drug Rehabs in Lubbock

Lubbock, TX is at the center of a metropolitan area. It has small businesses and a conservative ideology. However, it is also known as Hub City. Drug addictions and use are the prevailing problems here. Crack, Meth, and Heroin have become widespread here.
As a result, you can find many rehabs here. It has become a common treatment destination for Texans. Accordingly, the city has intensive outpatient programs, inpatient drug, and sober living communities.