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Rehabs in San Patricio

Rehabs in San Patricio

San Patricio is a county located in the southern part of Texas. Its 69,000 population and 1,834 km² area make it one of the smallest regions of the state.

Although the county is not densely populated, it could not avoid the spread of alcohol and illicit drugs. The youth uses them to celebrate and relax with their friends. However, some of them start to abuse toxins and destroy their health. Moreover, substance addiction became a big threat for adults as well.

Means of fighting against this epidemic are various. But the main idea is one: get proper treatment under professional medical control. Rehabs in San Patricio County, Texas provide all the needed services for a full recovery. Don’t delay changing your life for the better with rehab centers near you.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation in San Patricio

Some patients consider this procedure a waste of money. Others refuse to pass it without knowing its main goal. However, this should be the first mandatory step on everyone’s sober journey.

Above all, assessments help patients to realize and accept their health problems. Also, they show the physical and mental health state of an addict. Logically, doctors cannot design a tailored program for you without being aware of your organism's demands. Thus, this is the beginning of the treatment process.

But how do counselors reveal the required details, for example, the intensity of substance use, the kind of toxin, etc? The source of information is the customer himself. The latter is to tell a detailed history of his disease honestly. It is a face-to-face interview that may be a part of the consultation. In some cases, family members also have to take part in it. If there is a need, therapists conduct deeper monitoring including analysis of urine and blood.

In the Coastal Plains Community Center, families can pass accurate assessments and screening.

Healing Plans in Outpatient and Inpatient Facilities

Above all, the outcome of the process depends on the facility's choice. Everyone needs a tailored approach to his illness. Of course, only skilled therapists may deal with this hard task. Besides, it is essential to select the correct intensity of care. Accordingly, doctors determine between outpatient or residential treatment and choose therapy types.

Entertaining therapies are an inseparable part of every healing program. They aim to make addicts forget their bad habits. Also, mixed with detox, they help to overcome setbacks due to pleasant activities. The common list of therapies includes:

  • Music and art
  • Meditation and spiritual yoga
  • Animal petting
  • Walking
  • Fitness
  • 12-step program
  • Swimming
  • Group and individual meetings

The atmosphere and amenities of the clinic also play a role. Indeed, luxury facilities offer the highest quality services. But in San Patricio luxury rehabs, you must be ready to pay $1,400-2,000 for a day.

Take into account that inpatient care usually lasts from 2 weeks to 3 months. If you have private insurance, it may cover only some costs. Actually, few packages compensate for so many expenses. What about state-funded Medicaid and Medicare, they do not involve such clinics at all.

Forcing Your Teen Into Rehab

In which cases do parents have to make this step? Firstly, it is when your child is aggressive and does not realize the importance of healing. Secondly, if you notice symptoms of addiction, but your teen does not accept that.

Indeed, if your child feels stressed, your first move should be to talk to him and persuade him to enter a clinic. Only when he/she keeps rejecting you, do you have to compel him.

By the way, the law supports parents’ decision to force teens into recovery hospitals. Meanwhile, this does not mean that we have the right to commit domestic violence.

Finding a reliable facility for them is also our responsibility. Shoreline Inc specializes in teen treatment belonging to high-risk groups. Their customers are mainly students aged 13-17.