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Rehabs in Dawson

Rehabs in Dawson

Dawson is one of the Texas provinces. Its seat is Lamesa. Previously being a Slaughter ranch part, it is popular with its “Lazy S” brand. Overall, there are many attractions here. They include Navarro Mills lake, various museums, and wineries.

Unfortunately, as in other parts of TX, this province also faces serious substance abuse issues. So, this article discusses rehabs in Dawson county.

Addiction Cure Services

Addiction is a heavy disease that can cause serious consequences. Thousands of Americans end up with substance overdose annually. That is why there are many methods to treat dependence.


The first thing to do when having a dependence is to submit for evaluation. Here doctors and counselors should determine your dependency level. Also, they must assess your mental and behavioral health condition. This is a mandatory step.

As you know, addiction is a psychological disorder at first. So, it is important to identify other co-occurring diseases and dual diagnoses. After evaluation sufferers may move forward to other procedures.


Removing harmful elements and chemicals from a person's body is a must. This will bring them to physical stabilization. Then they are able to apply for psychological and other essential therapies.

Usually, detox lasts from 1 to 2 weeks. It should be completed with the help of physicians. This is crucial because there can occur various withdrawal symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, etc. So, a professional approach is vital to minimize these side effects.

Rehabilitation in Dawson County

To reach final recovery you should apply for one of the existing services. Before doing so, you must consider your medical condition and lifestyle, as well.


If you face severe AUD and SUD or relapse, then it is preferable to start inpatient treatment. This requires the patients to stay in a facility in 24/7 mode. Here they have to receive group and individual counseling. In addition, there are different sessions for family members. Their support has vital meaning for the addicts.

The short-term inpatient curing depends on the type and level of addiction. Mainly its duration is 28 days. While the long-term residential program lasts from 8 to 12 weeks, on average. Yet, the program's duration is up to 1 year or even longer. It highly depends on the patient’s health condition.


This is another way to get sobriety. This is much more affordable and lasts just for 4-12 weeks. In this case, people do not need to stay in a facility. They should just visit the clinic for only a few hours per week. The meetings are organized either in the evening or in the morning. Thus, this method is convenient for those who have regular jobs and studies.

Yet, if you choose an outpatient option, you should consider that being away from external stressors will not be as easy as in the case of the residential method.

You are able to find both services in the Springboard Center near this area.

Online Therapies

Those who do not want to be far away from their families or comfortable homes can take online courses. These are organized by licensed therapists through live chat and call (video or audio).

Rehab Insurance

Having financial problems should not be an obstacle to refusing treatment. Most types of insurance totally or partially cover drug and alcohol dependency recovery. Yet, the amount drastically varies. There are different qualifying assurances:

  • Medicaid and Medicare
  • Private Health
  • Federal-Sponsored plan
  • Military (Tricare, Tricare Prime, and Plus)

In case you do not have one of these plans, you should benefit from sliding-scale pricing. This is mainly defined based on your financial situation.

Along with this, there are different healthcare loans. You may pay for them in a certain period of time.