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Rehabs in Castro

Rehabs in Castro

Castro is a province with a wide range of attractions and unforgettable experiences. Visitors mainly like exhibition halls, museums, theatres, and galleries. Those who want to fully relax will definitely appreciate the city and national parks as well as lakesides.

Along with all these benefits, the province that is located in the state of Texas also faces serious drug and alcohol addiction problems. Therefore, we are going to dedicate the article to revealing rehabs in Castro county.

Dependence Treatment Plans

Described as a chronic disease substance abuse causes harmful impacts on every aspect of a patient’s life. Its main characteristics are drug seeking, uncontrolled usage, changed behaviors, and affected mental and physical well-being.

As the number of addicts increases, there are many treatment options offered. However, you should fulfill certain points before reaching the main curing plans.


Dependence assessment is the first step to take. As a consequence of uncontrolled usage of narcotics or alcohol, people suffer from not only physical disorders but also mental and behavioral health issues.

So, it is essential to get an evaluation and find out about the dual diagnosis. This is to select a corresponding clinic for continuing the recovery process.


Before treating the psychological aspect of addiction, it would be more beneficial to start with the physical side. This will make the path to sobriety smoother and safer. So, for this, you have to pass detox.

It is a process of removing dangerous components from your organism. Even so, it is important to note that you should complete it under strong medical supervision. This excludes the supposed side effects.

Inpatient and Outpatient Methods

After successfully completing the mentioned two mandatory points, it is time to proceed with one of the basic treatment services offered. Though there are some differences between the two programs, both will definitely move the patient to final recovery.


So, in case you have a severe addiction problem or suffer from relapse it is better to choose a residential facility to continue the curing. This system provides a secure closed environment where participants receive 24/7 medical care and support.

Individuals are able to interact with family members from time to time. Also, they are involved in specialized counseling because the encouragement of relatives is very important for the sufferer. Usually, the whole medication lasts from 1 to 3 months, sometimes even longer.

Yet, finishing the inpatient course and leaving the hospital is not the end of healing. It is important to follow up on your condition and get aftercare support to prevent a relapse.


On the contrary, outpatient procedures give some flexibility to a participant. Just a few hours a week are needed to get quality therapies. These sessions are organized mainly in the early morning or in the evening.

This is very convenient for those who have a regular job or studies or have a corresponding environment to overcome the dependence. This method allows applicants to participate in group and individual meetings, as well as receive peer-to-peer support.

The course duration mainly depends on the sufferer’s health condition. Sometimes there is a need to mix up in/out approaches. So, in the Castro County Healthcare Center, you can find both of them.

Rehabilitation Insurance

If you decide to apply for a rehabilitation center and are afraid of financial issues then it is essential to know that you may cover the whole medication expenses with one of these insurances:

  • Private Health
  • Military (including Tricare, Tricare Plus, Tricare Prime)
  • Medicaid and Medicare

People with some regular income are able to qualify for the custom sliding-scale pricing.

Forcing Minors to Enter Rehabs in Castro County, Texas

People and especially minors tend to refuse to be treated in a clinic. This is, in fact, a huge concern for the parents. They have to make a decision to place their teens in the hospital to obtain the corresponding procedures. However, before doing so, it is crucial to know your legal rights within the state.

If your teen is less than 18, then you have legal permission to oblige him to enter your selected clinic. Besides, you have the capacity to schedule an appointment without his consent.

Even so, if you deal with adults, you do not have the same capacities. They are the ones to decide on proceeding with the recovery process, choosing their preferred center, or refusing the curing eventually.