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Rehabs in DeWitt

Rehabs in DeWitt

DeWitt is situated in Texas. Its province seat Cuero is famous for being the “World’s turkey capital”. Cuero Turkeyfest organized every year in October is a great attraction for tourists. Besides, there are many exhibition halls, museums, and wineries to visit.

Yet, many residents in this province still suffer from drug and alcohol addiction issues. So, it is important to discuss rehabs in DeWitt county.

Dependence Recovery Services

Substance abuse is caused by uncontrolled and compulsive use of chemicals. Its impacts are long-lasting. Over time, patients can not treat it on their own. Dependence affects the physical, psychological, and mental well-being of the addict. That is why its treatment is very comprehensive including many crucial therapies and procedures.


The very first spot is assessment. This is to determine the dependency level. Also, on this condition, counselors reveal other co-occurring diseases and dual diagnoses. After this step, you may qualify for a certain kind of healing.


Detox is also a vital type of recovery. It physically stabilizes the addicts’ health condition. So, they are ready to submit for the main courses. Detox helps to get rid of toxic substances. Yet, to prevent such withdrawal symptoms as anxiety, depression, hallucinations, etc. it is important to pass the therapy in a clinic.

Rehabilitation Programs

There are two main programs to reach final recovery. Each is completed in a unique way and requires different approaches. Yet, both are perfect ways of rehabilitation.

One of the most popular centers in this province is Whispering Oaks. To access their quality services you should contact them via this phone number: (361) 275-3421.


This method takes place in a safe medical facility. Here people obtain constant medical and psychological help in a 24/7 mode. Usually, the patients live in single or shared rooms. They attend sessions one-by-one or in groups.

This is a recommended type of healing for those who suffer from severe addiction or do not have a secure environment to cope with this disease. So, staying in a hospital will keep them away from everyday stressors and relapse more effectively.

A big part of this curing type is also aftercare therapies.


An outpatient form of rehab is a great variant for those who want to maintain their everyday routine meanwhile receiving quality medication. So, they are not forced to stay in a clinic full-time. They have to attend sessions only a few days per week.

This plan is perfect for patients who have less level of dependence. Also, those who have a secure living environment may highly benefit from these services.

Some people even use these courses to plan their aftercare support. So, they will be able to return back to their normal lives step by step after leaving the inpatient hospital.

Paying for Rehabs in DeWitt County, Texas

The majority of people in need are not able to pay for rehabilitation on their own. So, there are various variants to cover the expenses. The first and the most convenient one is insurance. Below you will find the list of qualifying plans:

  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Private health assurance (Aetna, Cigna, Magnacare, Ambetter, Meritain Health, Multiplan, etc.)
  • Military insurance (Tricare, Tricare Plus, Tricare Prime)

Assurance covers the rehab costs totally or partially. This is mainly based on your personal policy.

Along with this, you are able to enter rehab with no insurance. There are various ways to do so, such as financing, fundraising, and programs for employee assistance. Moreover, there are 3rd party healthcare loans.

Besides, in case of availability, you may enter low-cost or free centers. Also, you can obtain detox services funded by the State.

Yet if you or your family members can not cover the costs then SAMHSA gives grants to patients in need. However. There are some eligibility points you should consider before applying for this option.