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Rehabs in Collingsworth

Rehabs in Collingsworth

Collingsworth is one of the smallest counties in the state of Texas. It was created in 1876 and is named after a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence James Collinsworth.

Almost half of the county’s area is not suitable for farming. However, the sandy and loam soil let the people grow cotton, wheat, and sorghum.

As there are not so many entertainment places, smoking and substance abuse are high. Around 89% try heroin at least once or twice. Around 73% of residents are smoking and 46% drink twice a week.

Given that, there are several good rehabs in Collingsworth County to help the population overcome this massive issue.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Collingsworth County

Collingsworth county rehabs offer programs and treatment methods for those who want to change their lives. There are good alcohol and drug rehab centers designed for the particular needs of each patient.

The services that they provide include rehab for cocaine, inpatient, outpatient, and opioid treatment.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

In Collingsworth County, alcohol use is quite high. That’s why many centers in or near have alcohol rehab programs.

The first step of the process is detox. Then, after you clean your organism, you should attend group, personalized therapies, and support groups, and be under the care of professionals 24/7.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

In general, the first step is assessment in this plan. It helps the professionals to choose or design a special program that is best for them.

As a rule, detox is included in the programs. Its length depends on the severity of the addiction and co-occurring health conditions. The average stay is 30 days. But in the above-mentioned cases, it may be 60 or 90 days.

Opioid Treatment

Opioids are very widespread not only in the county but also in the state. Although the government adopted rules against drug use, the number of addicts is still high.

Depending on the case and severity, the centers offer opioid plans. In general, these are stay-in programs.

Cocaine Rehab

As cocaine is a very addictive and dangerous drug, it is impossible to overcome the problem through outpatient programs. This is when cocaine rehabs play an important role in the recovery process.

The first step in treatment for cocaine addiction is substance abuse assessment. The second step is detox, which is considered to be the most challenging. After it, the patient continues with therapies, which family members also attend.

Outpatient Rehab

Patients with mild cases usually choose outpatient treatment. The services that they receive include:

  • Support group sessions
  • Individual therapies for you and your family members
  • Medical control

During this time, patients should take tests every day. Sometimes it can be several times a day. The frequency depends on addiction severity.

Prices and Payment Methods

The prices may seem expensive for many families. Not everyone can afford to pay for his family member. That’s why many centers offer special payment methods.

  • The inpatient programs start from $6,000. This is for 30 days.
  • For an intensive outpatient program, you will have to pay at least $5,000.


Collingsworth County rehabs accept private health insurance, too. So, check with your provider if your insurance covers the cost partially or the whole amount.

But, if you have some issues with your insurance, you can apply for payment assistance. Also, there are charity programs that help those who are in need. In addition, you may check the eligibility requirements and submit an application for financial aid. Usually, they process applications in a few business days and try to answer as soon as possible.