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Rehabs in Gaines

Rehabs in Gaines

Gaines County is located in the US state of Texas. Its administrative center is in Seminole. According to the 2020 US census, the region had a population of 21,598.

The opioid crisis is a big problem in Texas. Between 2000 and 2016, the rate of opioid overdose fatalities raised from 1,7% to 4,5 % deaths per 100,000 persons. Although TX may have lower rates than the national average, from 2000 to 2016 more than 15,000 Texans died from an opioid overdose. Moreover, the non-medical use of pain relievers among adults is also increasing.

Drug addiction has a dreadful impact on the residents of Texas. According to the Department of State Health Services’(DSHS) report, 40% of drug seizures were identified as methamphetamine in 2017. The latter causes more than 800 deaths annually. As for the harmful use of alcohol, in 2016, over 47% of driving fatalities were alcohol involved. Almost half of the residents aged 12 and older reported the use of alcohol in the last month.

Having all these statistics in mind, the state does its best, to minimize the harm of substance abuse to the health and well-being of the community. Thus, the existence of drug and alcohol rehabs in Gaines County provides professional assistance to those in need. Keep reading learn more about available healing programs and apply for help as soon as possible.

Available Treatment Options

Drug and alcohol addiction have devastating and lasting effects across the lifecycle of the addict. This means it creates tensions in our families, causes deadly consequences in our communities, and dangers the well-being of the entire county.

So, the operation of the rehabs in Gaines County helps to overcome the challenges caused by substance abuse. Though there is a limited number of rehabs in this region, however, you still can find professional help nearby. Moreover, to travel for substance abuse recovery is to produce good outcomes.

In other words, you will be far away from the people or places that may drive you to drink or do drugs. Usually, the treatment includes substance abuse evaluation, detox, inpatient and outpatient programs, aftercare, etc.


Detoxification is a medical procedure, which helps the addict’s body get rid of the heavy substances. It lasts one week. In some cases, detox may work for 14 days. It usually causes painful withdrawal symptoms. That is why medical control and the medicines during this procedure are vital.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment Programs

An inpatient recovery plan offers the highest level of care. These centers concentrate on getting rid of long-lasting and severe addictions. Hence, the patient is under the around-the-clock control of a certified team. The general stay is a month. However, in many cases, it may go on for as long as two or three months.

Outpatient care provides more independence compared to in-house healing courses. They pay attention to the client’s schedule and work around it. Hence, their services are for those whose dependency isn’t serious or who have already completed a residential program.

Dual Diagnosis

Not all facilities provide specialized care for the addiction that causes mental disorders too. So, in case of the most extreme dependency cases, people may enter dual diagnosis centers and get the most effective medical aid there.

Luxury Rehabs

There are also luxury hubs near Gaines County. Although they do not necessarily provide extraordinary therapies, they make the healing process much more pleasant. Luxury facilities offer separate rooms, incomparable amenities, and exclusivity. That way, many celebrities, and well-to-do people choose these hubs.


Before entering rehab, you should determine your budget. The costs vary depending on the setting, accessible amenities, and healing offerings. There are many options to pay for the hub:

  • First of all, private health insurance plans are to provide full or partial coverage. Purchase a private insurance plan through the health exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). You may also use public insurance through Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Secondly, there are lending agencies that are specialized in covering healthcare costs. So, loans are also a possible way of getting financial assistance.
  • Apply for assistance from your family and friends.
  • Finally, scholarships are also available to help people. Check out the 10,000 Beds Scholarship Program or the Sobriety Optimization League.