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Rehabs in Harris

Rehabs in Harris

Harris is a Texas province consisting of Houston city and some other small communities. It is a famous center for space exploration and the energy industry. Having the highest working poor percentage, residents here face serious substance abuse problems. So, this article will discuss the rehabs in Harris County, Texas.  

Treatment Programs 

With the rising number of addicted people, the province takes the steps to prevent overdose cases. But there are certain stages to pass before applying for the main recovery process. 

And the first phase is receiving the evaluation. For this, you need to have an appointment with the doctor. The process defines whether or not you have a co-occurring disease. This is completed through special questionnaires and self-assessment. 

The next stage is detox. For some types of drugs, for example, methamphetamine addiction, detox is required. This withdraws toxic components from the patient’s organism. However, the process should be completed under medical supervision. This is to prevent dangerous after effects. 

After successfully finishing these two, you can choose a treatment program. There are two main types and some alternatives to meet the patients’ requirements. The first is inpatient. This entails a 24/7 stay in the facility. In this case, they receive all the mandatory therapies individually or through group meetings. Also, the most important component is continuing care that is provided by the chosen rehab. 

Another option is outpatient. So, the patients do not have to leave their work or studies and be far away from their loved ones. Instead, they obtain all the procedures by attending the facility just a few times a week. 

Alternative ways include tele-therapies organized by licensed specialists through phone calls and chats. Or else, you may select an in/out approach. This combines a residential method for medical stabilization, an intensive outpatient method for follow-up, and partial hospitalization for average cases. 

Luxury Rehabs 

For those who prefer luxurious services and high-scale amenities, there are different luxury rehabs, such as: 

  • The Right Step Houston - the whole medication lasts up to 30 days including all the substance abuse packages. It has a quite welcoming and warm atmosphere. The cost is $19,650+. 
  • Willow Springs Recovery - this is a private campus offering medical detox. It is a budget-friendly center accepting insurance, too. The price is $22,500 per month. 
  • J. Flowers Health Institute - offers customized plans for adults. It lasts from 5 to 10 days. In some cases, it may continue for up to 6 months. The price is $44,500 - $129,500. 


When starting the treatment, an addicted person passes the entire path full of many difficulties. So, he should take into account the financial aspect as well. Some people refuse the medication because they cannot afford it. 

So, insurance is very beneficial. Many clinics in this province accept Medicaid, Medicare, military, and private health insurance. If you have none of the mentioned ones, then you can apply for state assistance. Having a regular income, you may apply for sliding scale pricing. 

Forcing Teenagers to Enter Rehabs in Harris County, Texas 

The most difficult decision the relatives and parents have to ever make is sending their children or teens to rehabilitation. They are more likely to refuse it. Sometimes they do not imagine all the dangers connected with substance abuse. 

The relatives must know their legal rights while treating them. So, if the teenager is under 18, the parents and caregivers may force them to enter a rehab in this county. They can also register appointments with physicians without their consent. 

But if you deal with adults, then your permission is limited to supporting them morally and explaining the whole situation. They are the ones who should decide where and when to begin their recovery.